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Monday, July 21, 2008

Five years!

It is Monday 21st July so it must be the Royal Welsh Show. I will be on the road heading for Llanelwedd shortly.

It is also the fifth anniversary of the start of this blog which commenced on this day in 2003 with a post about the Royal Welsh and this picture. This is the 3,314th post.

I think it is best to gloss over the antics of my staff who made badges out of the aforesaid photograph and distributed them at a Welsh Conference a few years ago. Needless to say most of the offending lapel pins ended up in the hands of BBC Wales journalists.

This blog is the longest running by an elected Liberal Democrat politician and is topped only by Tom Watson MP in longevity amongst all elected officials at whatever level. I still have not tired of updating it on a regular basis though it has been known to get me into trouble and does occasionally upset colleagues in all parties, though not necessarily at the same time.

I think I can honestly say that I do not regret a word I have written on here though there were occasions when reading back through a set of posts I have surprised myself at how open and emphatic I was about my feelings and views.

I am now getting between 300 and 400 hits a day on average, which is very gratifying and quite flattering. Thanks to all of you. I am sure that many are just coming aboard to see if I will slip up or to get ammunition to have a pop at me, but nevertheless all readers are welcome. You make it worthwhile.
"This blog is the longest running by an elected Liberal Democrat politician..." I'm sure there are quite a few Labour Councillors and politicians who like to spread the rumour that you are "an Unelected AM". Although, they (the prats) have gone quiet on this front for the time being.
Irrespective of that dispute I have been an elected Councillor since 1984.
Peter, I have never found anything on this blog with which I would want to attack you...you have never slipped up on here because you express yourself truthfully, openly and with a good deal of consideration. It is only in your press releases that you let yourself down! ;0

I would love it if the political debate across the UK was carried out by all politicians in all political parties in a way that cared less for keeping on terms with "the line to take" and was more concerned with honest exchanges between fiercely competitive but mutually respecting politicians.
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