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Saturday, July 26, 2008


The Western Mail's piece on where Assembly Members will be spending their summer holidays is as predictable and dependable as the first cuckoo in spring. It is the first sign that summer is here.

It appears that we are all going green or at least are trying to make it look as if we are environmental friendly. There also seems to be an effort not to be too extravagant in the face of widespread belt-tightening due to soaring fuel and food prices.

Of course this only applies to the 26 AMs who responded to Matt Withers' survey. Nobody knows what the other 34 are getting up to.
"Deputy Social Services Minister Gwenda Thomas is spending her holiday in the family caravan in Tenby..." I hope it Rains!
This pseudo-competition to take holidays which aee more green/parochial/worthy than everyone else surely backfires on the participants?

Just for example, I read this bit and my stomach turned:
"The Assembly’s Presiding Officer Lord Elis-Thomas is planning to spend the entirety of August at his own cottage near Betws y Coed, Conwy. “I shall take the Sherpa Bus using my bus pass and walk in the mountains of Snowdonia,” says the 61-year-old. “After which I plan to cook and eat as much local produce as possible.”

Sorry, but this isn't natural behaviour. It makes politicians look more like freaks than ever.

And then I thought, who would be so impressed by this that they'd want to vote for a man who plans to enjoy a paid MONTH off at his holiday home, travelling around free at tax payers' expense and stuffing himself ??
I wasn't asked actually... I have nothing planned anyway. Working away, me! Dedicated to the cause.
We were all e-mailed Bethan. It will be in your in-box somewhere.
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