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Friday, July 25, 2008

Cameron on a referendum?

According to Welsh Ramblings David Cameron has said that he is overruling some of his party's AMs in Wales and will not be allowing a referendum on a real Parliament for Wales.

Lenin Cymru says that the media have failed to report these remarks, preferring instead to concentrate on the Tory Leader's support of a badger cull in Wales and his non-remarks on Alun Cairns and Lord Wyn Roberts' report on devolution. However Lenin Cymru also fails to give a source for these comments and nobody else in the blogosphere or elsewhere seem to have independently picked up on them.

Now I am quite prepared to believe that the Tories will revert to type on devolution as soon as they get back in power and that their Assembly Group will consequently be left isolated on the issue of further powers, but I really need more evidence than one unsubstantiated blog entry before letting rip.

The fact that Cameron says that he is still considering Wyn Roberts' report indicates that, at least publicly, he has not yet made up his mind and that he has not yet reached a compromise way forward with his own AMs. We will have to wait and see what exactly the Tories will be saying on this issue at the next General Election.
You are right to treat LC's outpourings with caution; he watched Lucy Cohen's puffy interview with Cameron on Wales Today. And Cameron didn't "rule out" a referendum, he merely said that his party's priorities were to "make devolution work". It was nothing as definitive a ruling anything out. It was a classic politician's fudge answer, hence no interest from other media sources.
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