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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blog wars

Sanddef has started a bit of a debate on the blogosphere with his claim of internet supremacy for Plaid Cymru bloggers. He states that the presence of Labour, Wales's largest political party on the Welsh blogosphere has been reduced to an MP, a couple of AMs, and Martin Eagleston.

He goes on to claim that the number of Plaid Cymru bloggers has increased this year, with a combined daily output that is greater than that of all the other politically partisan blogs put together.

I can only find six active Labour blogs and four Tories, all of which are on my blogroll. In contrast I have listed eleven Welsh Liberal Democrat blogs, eight of whom have posted in the last month, the vast majority in the last week. We may be a bit behind the nationalists but at least we are there in a reasonable number.
If, as Sandef claims, Plaid dominate the Interweb, how will it be different from the MSM in Wales?
eight Liberal Democrat bloggers?
I didn't know there were eight liberal democrats in Wales...
given that there are 6 LD AMs, 4 MPs and a sprinkling of council leaders for starters, your lack of knowledge is startling as your inability to count.

so Plaid rule the internet? yawn ...
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