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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Voting patterns

A statement on Government plans to collect people's history on-line prompted a number of anecdotal contributions from members yesterday but none more memorable than that from David Melding:

David Melding: This sounds like a splendid initiative and I look forward to being able to access the information on the internet. This reminds me slightly of Huw Lewis’s call a few years ago for a people’s history museum. We seem to have a virtual concept now of this. I am sure that that is fitting for the modern world. I remember that, after hearing Huw waxing so lyrically about the museum in Manchester, I actually went there. Alun Davies will be pleased to hear that it was full of trade union banners, but there was also a large section on association football—I know that people laugh at me when I use that term—to show the great growth in spectator sport and how that transformed the leisure experiences of so many people.

After touring this museum—and I recommend that people go there—I went to the café. There were not many people there, as it was a Tuesday, I think, but when I sat down, a group of curators came along who were planning an exhibition on universal suffrage. I overheard their discussion, for which I apologise, and heard one saying to the other, ‘Of course, we will need a special section in this exhibition on universal suffrage to explain the paradox of why so many working men went to vote Conservative as soon as they had the vote’. [Laughter.] Therefore, I hope that you envisage tackling fundamental challenges about how varied our social experience is.

For voting patterns? See Henley. Pop goes Gordon Brown's nu-Labour, Lib-Dems did OK but didn't get much of a tow, many of the votes lost by Labour "went west" to the Conservatives. Only a few went to the bottom feeders, unfortunately BNP being one of them, didn't BNP beat Labour? Didn't Gordon Brown's nu-Labour loose its deposit?
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