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Friday, June 20, 2008

Plots in the Senedd

BBC's Dragon's Eye last night told of an alleged plot amongst Labour AMs to get rid of the Presiding Officer. Alwyn Ap Huw refers to a similar item on Newyddion on S4C. Both programmes reported that Labour AMs are to seek guidance on the best way to remove Dafydd Elis Thomas from the role.

I was aware that the Labour Group did discuss this issue on Tuesday but understood that there was no majority to take action as yet. In fact Dragon's Eye tells us that the PO was being protected by Rhodri Morgan, who sees only problems for his Administration in removing the current incumbent. Equally, the Plaid Cymru group have offered Dafydd Elis Thomas their full support in his present role.

Dafydd had upset a number of AMs by his less than diplomatic e-mail urging a boycott of the Israeli Ambassador's Assembly visit on Tuesday. However, this latest development is more of a shot across the POs bows than a serious attempt to oust him.
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