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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The much anticipated Dr. Who

Well I am in shock. I did not expect there to be a new Dr. Who so soon, though it was good to see present day Cardiff actually playing itself in tonight's episode. I had always wondered what the water tower was for, now we know. It is a giant transmitter.

The BBC has been enormously successful in keeping the lid on the departure of David Tennant as Dr. Who, even to the extent that the Director General himself told the Assembly's Broadcasting Committee on 16 June that one of the reasons why the BBC were producing just four specials in 2009 was because Tennant will be playing Hamlet and will not be able to give the same time to the part as previously. Maybe, he had not been told either.

Sanddef draws our attention to an article in The Sun which speculates that David Tennant will be replaced by James Nesbitt. So having had a Scottish Dr. Who we will now get the Northern Irish version. Would it not be a good idea to cast a Welshman in the role? Perhaps Rhys Ifans or Matthew Rhys?
Actually that Sun article is from last August
Yes, the end of the episode was a shock...

I've enjoyed the last previous 4 episodes so much (good acting, good ideas) that I felt a bit let down by tonight's Stolen Earth - too much whiz-bang, not enough acting....

But I won't miss next week....

I hope Donna doesn't die... I saw on another blog somebody pointing out that she is a TEMP. Temporary human? Maybe really a Time Lord with one of those fob watches?? I'd like to think so
Have to agree with Chris, The Stolen Planet was a bit chaotic with the story definately in the passenger seat. However, it'll be interesting to see what they do.

Can't wait to see who the new doctor is.

If I had to chose somebody, I'd like to see someone older take the role (the Time Lord thing seems more believable that way, silly I know). I've no idea who'd do it though.

Fantasy Doctor Who would be Gary Oldman.
I'm fully expecting Tennant to carry on despite the cliffhanger last night. We didn't see a new Doctor after all...
If they have gone for a Norn Oirish Doctor, guess we'll find out next week, my childhood dream of being the first Doctor with wha talks wi a Norn Irn twang will be shattered.
Agreeing with Will, it'll be the normal RTD cliff hanger where suddenly 5 seconds later everything is resolved. Also there have been too many shoots of the Hand-in-a-jar this season.
I think Ryans' right - that hand in a jar may, um, play a hand in next week's episode.

And It's clear from how River Song acts in "Silence In The Library" that the Doctor keeps his same appearance for some time into the future.

Possibly the hand is used to get him to regenerate, but into the same form.

That would make Tennant the first person to play two doctors ...
Just watched again. In the Shadow Proclaimation the one who serves Donna the water sees something 'still' on her back. Is this possibly still an alternate timeline within an alternate time line? Oooh now that could be a clever twist. Don't forget in confidential last week RTD told us that things from every episode were coming together for the climax, surely for episode 13 that would also have to include 12.
I love the way Peter's opinions on Doctor Who are getting more interest than his political opinions!

I can't wait for next week to see where they are going with this, but just hope it isn't a let down. Surely the new doctor would have had to film his scenes by now though and I'm sure if that had happened it would have got out?
Nine comments on Dr Who, and none on your later posting on the Welsh Nits.

Shows what priorities your readers have.
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