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Monday, June 30, 2008

More Wimbledon

Two sets down. a tie break in the third set and he still won by three sets to two.

Surely, Andy Murray must have inherited Henman's mantle now.
amazing grit from Murray, not that middle England will ever notice, what with being offended that he said he didn't support England.

Typical Mail hypocrisy and Anglo-supremacy - anyone ever ask Henman whether he supported Scotland, or N Ireland, or Wales ?
kite says Murray was poor tonight agaist Rafa. Its difficult to communicate what its like to face heavy top spin bouncing up to backhand. Murray should have varied his game a little more, Rafa thrives on pace, more drop shots from murray,
half pace shots deep to RAfa's backhand so he cant use the pace so much. His tennis brain is not as good as it will be..
I reckon Rafa to win Wimbledon though i wont place any dosh...
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