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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cultural desert?

I am beginning to wonder if I need to take some time out of politics to catch up on my reading and improve my cultural hinterland.

I was looking through the South Wales Evening Post earlier today and came upon the page containing photos of readers' pets. At the bottom was a picture of two kittens called Romulus and Remus.

Naturally, I immediately assumed that they were named after the Romulan homeworld and its moon as featured in Star Trek. My wife however pointed out that it was possible that they may well have been given their names in commemoration of the mythical founders of the City of Rome.

Irrespective of who was right there are clear signs in my thought processes and their conclusion of a lack of a classical education.
kite says romulus and remus were bad geezers altogether, really bad , they took the sabine woman against there will. Theres a great statue in Florence by giambologna celebrating this horridly and dastardly deed. I spent hours drawing it from different angles outside the palazzo vechio with the romantic intent of copying it into stone but it didnay happen, My galatea awaits my next stone ambition..
There were two giant military armoured Tanks parked up for years outside the CastleMartin Tank Practise Firing Range in deepest West Wales called Romulus and Remus. They've disappeared. I wonder if Tinker Scrap Dealers stole them, or has the M.o.D. sold them to the Afghan Taleban.
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