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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Changing religions

The Cynical Dragon draws attention to the fact that some media outlets believe that they have an easy answer as to why the Presiding Officer was so outraged at the visit of the Israeli Ambassador to the Assembly next week.

Israeli National News for example (since corrected) reports thus:

Dafydd Elis-Thomas, the Muslim speaker of the Welsh Assembly, said he will boycott a meeting with Ron Prosor, the Israeli Ambassador to Britain. He explained that Israel has failed "to meet its international obligations to the Palestinian people)

"Prosor said he is not changing his plans for the meeting that was initiated by another Muslim assembly member. "The voices calling for a boycott of such discussion are missing an opportunity to encourage mutual understanding and are clearly acting in a non-constructive way," said Prosor, who last week wrote in a British newspaper that Britain has become a "hotbed for radical anti-Israeli views

JTA reports in similar terms:

The Muslim speaker of the Welsh Assembly says he will boycott a meeting with Israel's ambassador to Britain.

Dafydd Elis-Thomas cited Israel's "failure to meet its international obligations to the Palestinian people" as his reason.

A fellow Muslim Assembly member invited Elis-Thomas, a former lawmaker in Britain's Parliament and a member of the upper House of Lords, to take part in a meeting with Ambassador Ron Prosor later this month in Cardiff.

Dafydd Elis Thomas is of course a prominent member of the Church in Wales.
I feel that it's quite unfortunate that DET has been labled as a muslim by the Israeli press.

And if DET is standing up for the Palestinian people good for him.

My late father ending up in Palestine after spending some time in Europe (1944/45); the treatment of the native Palistinians was appauling by the non-native Zionists; the treatment of British Troops in Palestine wasn't all that wonderful either, I can remember being told of a British officer who had his genitals cut off and stuffed in his mouth before being hung from a tree.

G. Lewis
Bridgend Lib Dems
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