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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beauty contest

David Cornock draws our attention to this piece in today's Daily Telegraph:

After the candidacy of Miss Great Britain, Gemma Garrett, in Crewe and Nantwich, there’ll be a double dose of glamour at the Henley by-election.

The new Miss Great Britain Party is taking the bizarre step of fielding two beauty queens as rival candidates: a blonde, Amanda Harrington, and a brunette, Louise Cole.

“Our attractive candidates will stand out in a contest where every one of the major parties has chosen a man,” opines party leader Robert de Keyser.

If ex-Henley MPs Michael Heseltine and Boris Johnson are anything to go by, the blonde starts with a distinct advantage.

Can it be true that there is now in existence a 'Miss Great Britain Party' whose sole purpose is to field beauty queens in by-elections? What is more it is led by a man!!
... that's the "beauty vote" split. "No way, no how" they will win now. "Gosh, darn it."
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