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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another world

I have come to the conclusion that I have slipped into a parallel universe. This is an alternative world where Tory MPs resign to fight by-elections on matters of high principle and the Liberal Democrats decide not to contest the election because they agree with him.

Perhaps a better solution would be if David Davis fought the by-election as a Liberal Democrat. At least then we might be able to restore some balance to my political world.
It will be a strange one for the history books - the most high profile by-election of recent times, and the Lib Dems aren't part of it! Labour will probably not contest it either, and accuse Davis of wasting taxpayers' money on a stunt. The big problem will be right-wing fringe parties standing to get press coverage.
How about we ask him to stand as a National Liberal given that a lot of Conservatives used to do so?

That'd be a nice little compromise as the C&U incorporates them formally and thus couldn't object.
The problem with that is that a bunch of fascists have registered "National Liberal Party, The Third Way"
Yup, but being idiots, thats all they registered. We have at least registered all possible variants—they haven't registered National Liberal Party, nor just National Liberals.

I am of course being slightly silly, but Liberal Unionist would also work.
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