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Friday, May 23, 2008

What price free speech?

Anybody who thought that the Welsh Labour Party has changed in the face of its recent drubbing at the polls need only look at this morning's Daily Post to learn that they are still the same old arrogant demagogues.

Former Labour Minister, Alun Pugh now works for the Snowdonia Society in which capacity he is campaigning against plans to expand an airport. He has called for a a judicial review over Welsh Assembly-backed proposals to open up the airfield at Llanbedr, Gwynedd for commercial use, creating between 40 and 50 jobs.

This is contrary to the views of the Dwyfor/Meirionnydd constituency Labour party who have now called for Alun Pugh to be thrown out of the party. So much for free speech.
For a local perspective on the reopening of Llanbedr Airfield see:


Over 1200 people in the area signed a petition in support of the plans for the airfield within days of the Snowdonia Society’s ill-considered protest campaign being launched, and with good reason.

The press coverage has been one-sided, misleading and inaccurate, as other posts at http://www.harmlesssky.org show.

TonyN: www.harmlesssky.org
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