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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Westminster shows Wales how to legislate

If the Welsh Government's Deputy Housing Minister is not red-faced with embarrassment this week then she should be.

She fought tooth and nail during Committee hearings into her proposed Legislative Competence Order to give the Assembly the power to suspend the right to buy, to prevent it being widened out into a more meaningful bid for powers over affordable housing.

As soon as the LCO got to Westminster, UK Government Ministers overruled her and changed the order. This must be the first instance of MPs giving the Assembly more powers than they asked for.

And what party does the Deputy Minister belong to? Plaid Cymru of course.
Just goes to show who is boss.

All we need now is to change the colour of Government at Westminster and us freedom lovers will be laughing.

Talking of colours - it is very clear to me that we have "traffic light Socialism" in Wales. Red, yellow and the green. Sadly, going nowhere on the road of aspiration.

I certainly hope that none of you own your own homes.

For they should be forcibly owned by the State - if you are going to be true to your own Socialist "principles".
"Just goes to show who is boss."


You refer to "us freedom lovers" and yet your blogger page describes you as a "Christian".

Care to reconcile the two decsriptions.

David Walters
Welton's just an ultra loyal royalist-very odd indeed. I admire Peter for picking with Jocelyn. In a fight, I'd put my money on her anytime.
Hi Dave and Anonymous, how are you both?

So being "loyal" is "odd" - says all I need to know.

Anyway, I just believe in restraining all heretics - in order to maintain my valued basic British, Royalist, Conservative, Traditional and Christian freedoms.

Look, get over it - big Nanny Westminster is still the referee of all the fights between Mother England and Her Little Boy Wales. One day Nanny Red Westminster will be replaced by a new Nanny Blue Westminster. A new Nanny Blue that ain't too struck on Socialism.

This "news" just proves the power of the Nanny.

So, make the most of it.

Enjoy all this Socialism while you can. :-)
....just when you think its safe to elect the Tories ....

Hee! Hee! Hee! I appreciated that.

But you forget.

I've recently been supporting YOUR "Socialist" Party. :-)

To be honest, I had no idea that your Party is Socialist.

Is it all Socialist as well as anti-freedom, anti-choice, anti-aspiration, anti-individual and anti-liberalisation?

Owning your own home is surely a basic freedom.

It is quite wrong of the Government to interfere.

Big Nanny Handbag (the T) taught us this in the 1980s.

You've learnt nothing from her "ballot winning" policies. You are doomed if you repeat the mistakes of the past.
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