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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Welsh Liberal Democrats in charge

The BBC report that 13 of the 22 Welsh Councils are being run by a coalition which involves Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillors. Three of these Councils are led by the Welsh Liberal Democrats. In Swansea, Wrexham and Cardiff the party strengthened its position.

In actual fact the BBC may have underestimated our strength. On their list of Councils they have failed to account for the fact that Powys is run by a board, which includes three Welsh Liberal Democrats. On the assumption that we will be involved in the administration of one of Gwynedd, Torfaen or both then this means that we are likely to end up with control or influence on 14 or 15 Welsh Councils.

The situation as it stands at present is as follows (with thanks to the BBC):

Blaenau Gwent: Independent led, with People's Voice and Liberal Democrats
Bridgend: Labour led, with three Ind
Caerphilly: Plaid Cymru led minority, with two Ind
Cardiff: Lib Dem led, with Plaid
Carmarthen: Ind led, with Lab and Lib Dem
Ceredigion: Ind led, with Lib Dem and Lab
Conwy: Plaid led, with Ind, Lab and Lib Dem
Denbighshire: Ind led, with Plaid, Lab and Lib Dem
Flintshire: Ind led, with Lib Dem and Conservatives
Gwynedd: Plaid led board - details TBC
Merthyr: Ind led board, with Lab and Lib Dem
Monmouth: Cons
Neath Port Talbot: Lab
Newport: TBC - possibly Cons led with Lib Dems
Pembrokeshire: Ind
Powys: Ind led board with Lib Dems and Tories
Rhondda Cynon Taf: Lab
Swansea: Lib Dem led with Ind and Plaid
Torfaen: NOC - details TBC
Vale of Glamorgan: Cons
Wrexham: Lib Dem led board, with Ind, Cons and Plaid
Ynys Mon: Ind led, with Plaid, Lib Dem and Cons

Peter according to a comment on Glyn Davies's blog Liberal Democrats came third behind Labour in Cardiff in terms of votes cast and the Tories won the popular vote.Is this true?
I think that is unlikely but do not have time to do the maths. The Welsh Liberal Democrats put up a full slate in the City and won 35 seats, the Conservatives won 17 seats. It may have been the case in Cardiff North but again you need to check this for yourself.

Of course in the unlikely event that it did turn out to be true I would expect Conservative support for my LCO to change the voting arrangements of local councils.

How can the Lib Dems come third behind Labour in Cardiff? Labour only has 13 seats to the Lib Dems 35.
I am told that the comment may well be right. Although the Lib Dems won 35 seats they did so with relatively small majorities whereas Tory majorities in Cardiff North were quite substantial. This though just underlines the need for PR. I trust the Tories and Labour have taken note.
"Tory majorities in Cardiff North were quite substantial."

Roll on the next General Election!

I note that The Liberal Democrats in Cardiff have climbed into bed with the Party that came fourth. Ssshhh! Let's not talk about that. Mind you, it makes my point. Whoever you support - Plaid Cymru gets in.

Trouble is, Plaid Cymru is a bit too Socialist for me. On the road called aspiration they turn Left, whilst I turn Right. Meanwhile, those Liberal Democrats always go straight ahead and arrive at the policy Roundabout. Usually going around in circles waiting for another Party to show them the way - this time Plaid Cymru. I only hope Rodney Berman will not breakdown whilst hooking up with Plaid Cymru in Cardiff. For we may need the emergency breakdown service yet. The Conservatives.

Thankfully councillors, just like Welsh Assembly members, can't do any real damage to my beloved United Kingdom. Also there's no Labour in Cardiff. I think this is called having your cake and eating it. Mind you, I'm a bit disappointed. I had no idea that Liberal Democrats were, how can I best put this, "hookers". :-)
Rather than join with Plaid Cymru and be "the hooker", they should have picked a Tory and been my debutante.


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