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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Tory compares Boris to Mussolini

Today's Guardian quotes a Shadow Tory Minister as comparing Boris Johnson's victory in the London Mayoral election as like 'the March on Rome in 1922'.

The quote is part of this article but the leading Conservative remains anonymous. I think that given the significance of this comparison it is only right that in this instance the journalist concerned names his source. I wonder what David Cameron thinks.
But can he make the transport run on time? No, because ultimate control remains in the hands of Gordon Brown.
Nothing to fear from lovely Etonian Boris.

I think we've all written something in print or online that we later think twice about - usually because we've struck the wrong tone or, when taken out of context, it sounds a lot worse than it was actually intended to.

Nothing wrong with the politics of the Right. It might be good for Wales to have a taste of it. Can do no more damage than the politics of the Left and Centre have done to the United Kingdom over the past ten years.
Neil, I recall it was the King of Italy who appointed Mussolini prime minister. The Italian monarchy in fact acted as the Fascist handmaid. hardly something to boast about.
Your point being, Morgan Hen (Morgan The Old)?

I thought this entry was about British politics and lovely old Boris - not the unfortunate political history of Italy.

However, as you insist - who was it that inspired this great British nation to ultimately crush fascism forever? Ah, yes, King George VI, The Queen Mother and their daughters - Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret. I think you will find this is called The British Monarchy.

As you are anti-fascist, just like myself and Boris, I now look forward to receiving your membership application. Whatever you are - I certainly hope you are not a Welsh nationalist. For history has taught us that nationalism is far more likely to breed fascism than any Monarchy.
That reminds me. Didn't Plaid Cymru’s "neutral stance" during the Second World War prompt concerns within the United Kingdom Government that it might be used by Germany to "insert spies" or carry out "operations"?

As for Boris - let's wait and see before condemning him.
Peter. There was no March on Rome. Mussolini was invited to form a government by the King and he arrived by train.
Why are you telling me that? You should tell the Tory Shadow Minister.
Mussolini was very popular with "the mindless masses".

Just like Plaid Cymru.

There's a warning there somewhere.

Something about trusting nationalist politicians.

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