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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

On the train to Crewe

Matt Withers picks up on Lembit Öpik's frustration with the train service between London and Crewe, which produced this memorable Early Day Motion:

EDM 1612



Opik, Lembit

That this House is appalled by the unreliable performance of the 12.44 Virgin Train service on 19th May from Crewe to London; condemns the failure of Virgin staff to warn customers of a potential delay prior to the departure of the train, rejects the notion that a signal failure exonerates them from responsibility to their customers; notes that this train was packed with hon. Members, Ministers and at least one Cabinet Minister; and believes that whoever wins the Crewe and Nantwich by-election, they won't have been assisted by Virgin Trains.
what so its ok for regular people to be stranded but god help the idea that Lembit and some other MP's should be held up!
anonymous - I think you are possibly missing the slightly tounge in cheek nature of Lembit's EDM! - Bless.
it's a pity it's tongue in cheek, this is exactly the daily experience of ordinary folk. Every day.

The Tories broke the railway, Labour wouldn't fix it.
I wish I could believe it was tongue in cheek. Lembit "show me some respect" Opik has become very pompous and self-important of late. Peter, any chance of replacing him in Montgomery soon or does he have to humiliated in a party president election before he realises what a busted flush he has become?
He may be beaten to the Liberal Democrat presidency by the excellent Ros Scott, but there is no danger to Lembit's Montgomery seat in the Commons.
Lembit's visit is covered HERE on the Crewe blog.
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