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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Moving on

The Daily Post reports that BNP North Wales organiser John Oddy and party members Paul Harley and Susan Harley who were elected unopposed to Bay of Colwyn Town Council this month have now resigned from the party:

Haulage worker Mr Harley, 62, from Penrhyn Bay, who was elected to the Dinerth ward, said: “When I joined the party I did believe that the party had changed from its former image.

“I felt the same after attending meetings where racist views were not expressed but in the past few weeks I have found out more about the party and I am not happy with what I have found out.

“I have always maintained that I was not racist, but individuals that hold racist views remain.

“My mind was made up before the attack on the house, myself and my wife did not want to be portrayed as racist, which we are not. We only wanted to represent the community.”

The trio offered to stand down from their seats on Colwyn Bay council but their offer was turned down and they will now stand as independents.
"My mind was made up before the attack on my house..."

Nice, that.
This bit really puzzled me.

"We only wanted to represent the community."

Did they represent the community before the attack on the house or after it? :-o
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