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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Mandelson speaks out

The Guardian tell us that Peter Mandelson has accused Gordon Brown of making a "very big mistake" in scrapping the 10p income tax rate.

The European Union Trade Commissioner said Brown had also breached the party's philosophy that the government should help the neediest in society. He went on to warn the prime minister that he risked losing power unless he identified himself more clearly with the principles that won Blair three general elections.

Meanwhile, the former junior development minister Sally Keeble has warned of an impending split in the party over the 10p tax rate.

The paper tells us that Keeble said that the most significant damage caused by the row "could be the fracturing of New Labour's broad coalition and the risk of leaving Labour pigeonholed again as the party of just the poor."

Of course if they are going to penalise the poor by increasing their tax burden then Labour won't even have that demographic to fall back on.
New Labour have for years taken their working-class support for granted and spent all their time wooing Middle England, it's about time it came back to bite them in their rears.
Yes, but what astounds me is that it is precisely the working class who continue to vote for Labour in huge numbers - even though they are being hammered by a Labour Government that is obsessed with looking after the better off. You only have to look at the latest Council Election results in Neath Port Talbot for evidence of this. Neath Port Talbot has one of the lowest average household incomes in the UK and a long term sickness record that would make you weep. Yet Neath Port Talbot bucked the trend on May 1st and remained in Labour control.
I agree Rees and Anonymous.

However, if we are honest none of the political parties have real solutions for "the lowest average household incomes", or quick answers for "the long term sickness record" (other than kicking the spongers off benefits).

Free market capitalism needs low wages - in the same way that those who try to escape working for low wages claim sickness benefit (or become politicians in Wales).
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