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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Lull before the storm

It is polling day.

I think I am going to be very busy for the rest of it. Please go and vote and if you can vote Liberal Democrat.
But Peter for people to vote Liberal Democrat you have to put up a candidate in their ward. In Bridgend there are 39 wards which will elect 54 councillors. Yet the Liberal Democrats are not contesting half the seats. There are also some odd instances where individuals even when they are standing are not contesting the ward they actually live in. Why, for example , is Jackie Radford who lives in Maesteg East contesting a community council seat in the West. If it wasn't for the fact that an independent from Llan is standing in the East there would be no contest for the community council. The same independent is standing for the Borough in the west after cleverly on his leaflet giving the impression thta he lives in Maesteg! You have a candidate who lives in Caerau and is standing in the west. With the result that voters in Caerau are denied the opportunity to vote Liberal Democrat. It seems to me that some people have faulty political sat navs.
Yeh! And why did you throw the towel in Jeff?
I think you'll have the road cone manufacturer's vote.

For the first time in 5 years I won't be going to the Swansea Grand for it's rep season. It's nie on impossible to park and I've got to drive right through the centre and back again to get on the 1 remaining car park. Thanks.
Quick Update on Maesteg West:

Five seats on the Town council, postions one to three Labour

Postions four and five went to Martin R. Plant and Ian Jones.

Harry Fenny (Lab) Position six

Gary Lewis (Lib Dem) Position seven, beating the Welsh Nationalist, and sitting Plaid Town Councillor.

Maesteg West County Council Election; two labour councillors elected, in third position Gary Lewis Lib Dem, forth postion Marting R. Plant. Six postion Welsh Nationalist.
Further to Jeff's comments, the two Lib Dem candidates who stood for the West ward intend to stand in 2012 for the same ward again.

I also expect the Welsh Nationalists will also put their SINGLE candidate in a two seat ward just to split the opposition vote; they may even help an independent get their nomination paper like they did this time around.

Seem like Plaid are Labours little helpers in Bridgend like they are Rhodri's little helpers in the Bay.

G. Lewis
Maesteg West
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