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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Labour lose the plot on ID card scheme

The Observer reports that a government-appointed panel of experts is warning that the new ID cards system will be open to fraud by the people running it. Their conclusion undermines Government claims that the scheme will enhance national security. The group has concluded that it will be prone to corruption:

A new report by the Independent Scheme Assurance Panel (Isap), set up to advise the government on the implementation of ID cards, states: 'Based on the likelihood that the scheme will aggregate a lot of valuable data, there is the risk that its trusted administrators will make improper use of this data.' It adds: 'The scheme will be subject to data errors and errors in decisions made.'

The acknowledgements come as the government has admitted it is to contract out the taking of fingerprints and photographs of ID card applicants to the private sector to save money.

The news has alarmed opponents of the scheme, who say this will increase the risk that the data of individuals will be illegally shared with third parties. 'By cutting costs and cutting corners, the Home Office has fundamentally undermined the integrity of the scheme,' said Phil Booth, spokesman for the campaign group, No2ID.

The paper goes on to report that panel has also warned that the ID card initiative is struggling to fulfil its remit:

It states that the scheme lacks a 'robust and transparent operational data governance regime and clear data architecture', suggesting there is confusion over its roll-out. And it goes on to say: 'Though the tender process is supposedly well advanced, requirements for information, communication and technology systems, processes and operations have still to be adequately specified and the rationale for key design decisions is unclear.'


This ID Card idea is simply crackers - like this blog. :-)

However, don't worry - my understanding is that David Cameron has pledged to scrap it all on taking office.

I never thought I would say this again - but I am rather looking forward to a Conservative Government. What is that catchy catch phrase? "Things can only get better."
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