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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Labour excluded

The BBC tell us that after decades of domination, emerging coalition deals could leave Labour frozen out in all but a few councils in Wales. The report continues:

Despite being the smallest of the main political parties - with just 162 councillors - the Lib Dems' ability to win seats of strategic value could place them in the strongest position of all the parties, in terms of power-sharing in Welsh councils.

Coalition deals are thought to be imminent in both Cardiff and Swansea, while they have already formed part of the new administration in Anglesey.

The party looks set to lead a coalition in Wrexham, and could play a significant role in any anti-Labour alliance in Flintshire.

Having won a handful of seats in Blaenau Gwent, Conwy, Gwynedd and Torfaen, as well as a more significant presence in Merthyr, then their influence could be crucial.

Indeed, their presence could be of even more significance in both Ceredigion and Newport, where it is possible they could play major roles in any deals with their political opponents.

It is a remarkable come-back for the Welsh Liberal Democrats, who many were writing off after last summer. We now need to build on this success.
This just reflects last year's results in that Wales is now a four party nation with the share of votes levelling out between all the parties
I can only talk about SWANSEA. It seems the deluded Lablour representative there has been phoning up Independent Councillors with false claims of having signed up their colleagues and then saying you might as well join us knowing full welll that nobody will join with Labour in Swansea. Also of cuddling up to the Tories "for the good of governance". More like "for the good of desperate Labour". Even threats of "no works will be done in your Ward if you don't sign up!". Surely the latter is a matter for reporting to Ombudsman? Sorry brothers and sisters but you LOST the election!
Labour stills seemed to be in denial over their Cardiff result. Another result like that, and they will be meeting in a pub. Its time that Rhodri cleaned the Cardiff Labour party up!

Plaid and the Lib Dems will probably do a deal. at this time it makes sense.
More Swansea news - Labour's nasty Official Swansea Web Site "Inside Out" has a snide comment about a possible "LIP" coalition at Swansea Council. Well Rebekah that leaves Labour and Conservatives. Could we call you the "LAC" gang?
I love elections within Wales. I can support a complete disaster of a political Party and then retreat to England, knowing full well Whitehall will block any real damage. Oh, by the way, that's why I'm publicly supporting Peter Black in his, as of yet, "undeclared leadership bid". :-)

Whoever you vote for in Wales Plaid Cymru get in.

It is a bit like living in a nutty totalitarian state.

When you awake the Communists or Fascists are back.

Next time I think I will support The Monster Raving Looney Party - then I know Plaid Cymru will get in.
To "exclude" parties from government is the right of any party with an overall majority in any elected body. However, when you look at the results in Swansea, where Labour won 30 seats, the LibDems 23, Independents 7, Independents@Swansea (a political party!!!) 6, Welsh Conservatives 4 and Plaid Cymru 1, the term "exclusion" can only take on a more perverse nature - in that it takes three separate groups to join together to form a new "Group" on the Council and lay claim to 37 seats (a majority of one). Now that there is NO LIBDEM Group on Swansea Council, will the new Administration Group be subject to a whip? If not, then how will the Authority function properly? If yes, then what of claims by the various Independents that they were not subject to a whip and only voted for the best for their communities? A strange predicament, but when any alliance is only based on who you hate, then not really a surprising outcome...
Talking about whips - Rene Kinzett may have whipped Tony Lloyd and Lady Pennard with Paxton Hood looking on, but will he whip Tony Colburn?
Gosh, does the crystal ball gazing "Green Man" (aka some loon in the local LibDem/Indy Alliance, such as Ioan "Burn the English Second Homes" Richard) ever predict anything rational? The fact that Cllr Anthony Colburn took on and heavily defeated Joan Peters on 1 May (the woman that went back on her pledge to support me and left the Tories after I defeated her as Leader) should point out to even the most short-sighted soothsayer that he is a man of party discipline and not some nut job - perhaps Green Man spends too much time with the ex-PC, ex-Labour, BNP-leaflet-delivering, vigilante-supporting flotsam and jestam and various political diaspora which make up the LibDem/Independent benches in Swansea Council...
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