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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Killing the Cheeky Girls - The movie

Is this going to be the top-rated film of the summer? Yes, it is real. The Cheeky Girls have been on tour around Europe filming their answer to 'The French Connection'.

The press release tells us all: Billionaire actor director Alki David, 47th on the Times UK Rich List, performs extreme human experiment in a threesome with The Cheeky Girls , to create the most outrageous reality movie of all time!

Dubbed by the Star, Express and Independent Newspapers as the all-time wildest in reality pop culture, Alki David and The Cheeky Girls pull off the most the outrageous reality movie ever!

The setup: Ten people cross Europe in a tour bus on the pretence of making a music video. Four are actors. Six have no idea that they are about to be terrorized and tortured for your viewing pleasure.

Herded like lambs to slaughter, aboard the double deck tour bus, the six, wannabe holiday reps soon discover that they are accomplices in a smuggling ring trafficking drugs and illegal porn across the continent.

Believing this incredible setup all he way, there are two killings en route, a disappearance and eventually everyone ends up in a Greek Jail interrogated for the murder of The Cheeky Girls!

More details, but not a lot, are here. Somebody sent me the link, honest!

Is Sian Lloyd going to be in it?
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