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Friday, May 30, 2008

Government revert to type

Citizen's Advice Cymru is very critical this morning of Government proposals to overhaul the houisng benefit system, which they say will create homelessness. They argue that plans to allow housing benefit claims to be backdated by only three months instead of one year will hit some of the most vulnerable in our society:

JJ Costello, head of housing services for charity Shelter Cymru said: “The proposal to reduce the ability to back-claim housing benefit from 12 months to three represents a scandalous clash in government policy.

“The ability to backdate benefit is a key tool in preventing the homelessness of some of the most vulnerable in our communities.

“People with mental and physical ill-health, older people and young people, with no experience of the benefits system, can struggle to meet the strict claiming requirements and often, only after seeking advice, realise that they have an entitlement.

“This proposal was made, and dropped, back in 2000 and we can see no justifiable reason to risk increasing debt and homelessness in this way.”

Citizens Advice Cymru said the proposed cuts were “completely at odds” with government efforts to prevent homelessness.

This is very concerning indeed and certainly something that the Welsh Assembly Government should be making representations on.
Perhaps the most vulnerable in our society don't vote or if they do vote they vote labour by blind deference.
Some local authorities are notorious for the length of time they took to process housing benefit claims.

Are not claimants likely to lose benefit because of this, if the three-month rule is applied?
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