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Friday, May 16, 2008


Whilst we continue to be embroiled in the very artificial, one blog row over the regulation of publicly funded Assembly Member websites, a new factor has now appeared that may give some AMs more cause for thought.

The Guardian reveals that the House of Commons Speaker, Michael Martin, has lost a high court battle to prevent the disclosure of the details of second-home expenses claimed by 14 prominent MPs.

The Assembly Commission has already been preparing its own more detailed disclosure of AMs' expense claims but was awaiting on the outcome of this appeal before proceeding. It now seems likely that we may have to publish the address of any second home used by an AM in Cardiff funded by the taxpayer.

There is still some work to do on this and we have been told that there will be a consultation with AMs on both the nature and the detail of the disclosure before publication proceeds. Personally, I believe that it is right that we do allow the public to have this information.
I think I will stand in the next Welsh Assembly election. I think I will also stand in the election to Parliament. I will then stand in elections to the London Assembly, the Scottish Parliament and also the European Parliament.

I'll soon have a lovely property portfolio put together.

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