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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Different meetings

I have just watched the Sharp End interview with Welsh Liberal Democrat leader, Mike German on ITV Wales. He is to step down after the party's October Conference.

The thing is that he told the last Conference and the Group that he would step down as soon as possible after the local elections. If he had done so he could have left on a high after our local government successes last week. The new leader would have been in a position to properly capitalise on our gains with a number of new initiatives centred on a fresh face at the top.

Mike was asked whether it was true that the Assembly Group was unhappy at him hanging on for another six months. He denied that this was the case. I think he must have been in a completely different meeting to the one that I was at.
I'm not at all sure why Mike seems able to decide this for himself anyway. Do we not have a constitution?
"The new leader would have been in a position to properly capitalise on our gains with a number of new initiatives centred on a fresh face at the top."

I wonder who this fresh faced new leader could be.

We need someone strong, independently minded, English, highly articulate and also very mysterious.

That leaves just one choice.

My cleaning lady.
You just don't know if he it ignoring the group (well you at least Peter) or if he really does believe that he has your support! What an odd way to turn good council election results into a slog for the leadership!
"What an odd way to turn good council election results into a slog for the leadership!"

As a new Peter Black supporter (sorry, Liberal Democrat supporter), this is my main concern. Mike German HAS turned it into "a slog for the leadership" - a slog for our Peter. Why have six months, when you can have six weeks? Never mind, Peter will be triumphant. All good things come to those who wait - it says so in my Bible.

Now, to be honest with you, as a Christian I don't want to sound unkind - but as "a floating voter" I thought Mike German resigned three years ago. So much for his effective and impressive style of "leadership". When will your Party realise that you don't need a Tigger but that you need a trigger - of a gun. Once Tigger is put down and put out of his misery you can start getting your act together - by ripping this unseemly and failing coalition to threads. However, this needs leadership, "strong" leadership. Only the sought that "men" who have attended Grammar Schools or Public Schools can give. We don't want "a big woman" in charge (whose only talent and ability is her gender set from birth) or a "carbon copy clone" grinning ninny candidate (whose only claim to fame is speaking Welsh in a call centre).

We need people with real experience of leadership and responsibility. People who have led, fought battles and, most importantly, won. That's why, quite unashamedly, I think Peter is the best man for this job. He quite clearly has the independence of mind, that inner strength, that is key, not just for this type of role - but also if you are going to WIN as a Party. His experience alone is impressive enough and already wipes the floor with any opposition - if you can call it "opposition". :-)

However, we had all better be very, very careful - next Tigger will be telling us that we will be having a brand new "all women shortlist" to decide the leadership race.
Several days late, sorry. But can people please stop going on about leadership? At the end of the day, if all the Lib Dem AMs despise each other (as appears to be the case), surely the problem is not with the leader, but the AMs we have?

What does it matter if he stands down now, or after? Certainly, if he stands down now, there will be a long period of backbiting and infighting (because, lets be fair, most of the AMs are more concerned with their own vanity and prestige than actually helping the Lib Dems). There are Lib Dem by-elections to be won in Wales, so he can't stand down now.

I'd really like to know what your objections to Mike are. Well, actually, I wouldn't, because then it would be picked up by the BBC and we'd have another heap of leadership rubbish, instead of actually selling our policies.

Please, please, please just wait for him to stand down and stop talking about it. It doesn't need to be talked about, and when he does stand down, then you can talk about it as much as you like.

(Not that I'm stopping your free speech, you understand, its just that it really irritates me, how we manage to derail ourselves with such assinine points)
Peter - the statement by Tigger is now added below.

I really don't understand your political party - Charles Kennedy and Ming Campbell disappeared overnight.

Why not Tigger? BANG! :-)
Hello, Gutless (sorry, Anonymous).

Well, I'm just "a floating voter" offering up his views. I am sorry if free speech or my completely independent opinion offends you. I know next to nothing about The Liberal Democrats as I am a member of the public.

To begin with, I assume (as a member of the public), that this leader race is open for all to stand - whether they be MPs in Wales, Welsh MEPs or Welsh Assembly members. There are plenty of candidates to choose from - why does it have to be a woman or a "carbon copy clone" candidate who merely mutters the party script? Let's have a true original - OUR online Peter!

As for Mike German. I believe, as a member of the public, that he was ineffective, unimpressive and had "lost the plot" - especially over the past three years. These are PERSONAL OPINIONS AS A VOTER that is all.

Gosh, so much for democracy, free speech and being liberal. Sorry I spoke about YOUR leadership race. Next you will be wondering why people don't vote anymore.

You'd better read this before commenting again.

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