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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Comment of the day

On the blog of Paul Flynn MP:

'Tamsin Dunwoody did a little better than Labour’s 24% rating in the opinion polls promised. She got 31%.'
Tamsin Dunwoody (that's not her real surname) was quite rude to people in Pembrokeshire (her once upon a time constituents) who opposed Wind Turbines. I hear they held a party last Friday to celebrate her second loss which should now end her political career forever.
Hurrah for Mr Flynn trying to put a brave face on it… But he’s wrong, of course. Ms Dunwoody did even worse than the national polls suggest. In 2005, Labour won just 35% at the General Election, and the poll he quotes suggests they’ve dropped 11% - but in Crewe in 2005, Labour won 49% of the vote. So she was down 18%.
Its a great day for quotes. Try this one for size - it's from your MP, Roger Williams:

“I am worried he [Cameron] sees being anti-Barnett as a way of invigorating the hysterical wing of his party, not addressing the genuine need for a fairer funding system for people in Wales.”

I thought Nick Clegg wanted to offer these hysterical Tories "supply and confidence” at the start of the week?

Perhaps the Daily Telegraph got it wrong.
I think it has been established by now that the Daily Telegraph did get it wrong.
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