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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tory hypocrisy

I have searched long and hard through the now-abandoned Rainbow Coalition document for any mention of the scrapping of ministerial cars. In the light of this article you might have thought that the Tories would have insisted on it. Alas it is not there.

It is a fact that chauffeur-driven cars were available to Conservative Ministers when they were in power. I can well-remember scenes of protesters banging on the roof and shouting abuse as Tory Ministers were driven to safety (and often back to England) at Eisteddfods and many other events.

Darren Millar describes the current administration as “champagne socialists” as if this particular drink was reserved only to the monied classes, which his party has traditionally represented. One rule for the Tories, another rule for the rest.

I do not want to defend the cost of ministerial cars. It is right that we apply proper scrutiny to such matters. But do we really have to be treated to the spectacle of so much Tory hypocrisy at the same time?
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