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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Those boots are made for walking

It has been a mixed week for jobs in this part of Wales, what with the bad news of redundancies at 3Ms and Trostre.

On the bright side there is the 1,200 plus jobs at Amazon's new 'fulfillment centre' in Jersey Marine. Welcome as these jobs are they cannot compensate those who face losing a well-paid manufacturing job elsewhere.

The Amazon building is huge. It covers 800,000 square feet. A comment on the South Wales Evening Post site drew my attention to the job adverts which underlined this fact.

Applicants are being warned that they maybe required to walk up to 12 miles per day within the centre whilst wearing safety boots. The Amazon workers will certainly be fit.

The news from Trostre could have been worse; the plant could have closed altogether. It seems that the new management took into account the workforce's history of cooperation in cost-saving measures.
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