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Friday, April 18, 2008

A story of indecisiveness

The Prime Minister's very own brand of indecisiveness is spreading to the rest of his government. A perfect example is Angela Smith, the Labour MP for Sheffield Hillsborough and Private Parliamentary Secretary to Yvette Cooper.

Ms. Smith sat through Gordon Brown's last budget in March 2007 and even praised it publicly, describing it as "good for Sheffield, good for the country and good for ordinary working families.” She then deliberated for a year on the most controversial measure in that budget, the abolition of the 10p tax rate, before voting for it in the budget resolutions last month. In fact she was part of the Treasury team that introduced this measure.

Yesterday, she indicated that she intended to quit the Government because of the impact the abolition of the 10p tax rate would have on poorer working families. The Guardian now tells us that she has changed her mind. Like the Prime Minister she appears to be frozen in the full beam glare of public opinion.
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