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Friday, April 25, 2008


I have just spent the morning delivering leaflets in a semi-rural area of Swansea. Whilst in full flow I was stopped by one resident who informed me that the BNP had been there the day before.

Apparently, they arrived amongst the small group of houses in two cars and with a motorcycle outrider. They drove from house to house and a woman leapt out to deliver a leaflet at each. In the meantime the motorcyclist and the drivers of both cars kept an eye out for any trouble.

My informant was appalled. He felt their methods were intimidatory. One thing is certain, it was not the most environmentally friendly way of getting a message across.
Perhaps they were delivering in this way because they felt threatened, and unsure of the reception they may get?

Certainly, labour candidates have been getting a rough reception in my little corner of South Wales!
'semi- rural part of swansea'- I guess you don't want your opponents to know where you've been canvassing, Peter!
UKIP once delivered their way down my street in this way in 2005.
It was Heol Dywyll in the Morriston ward Bethan. I used the term 'semi rural' to explain why one would need a car to move between settlements. Also most of my readers will not know Swansea that well.
As appalling as BNP are (and they really are), have you considered why they are getting any votes at all? Many voters are fed up to the back teeth of not being listened too. Your party talks nice words but that's about all. Labour got complacent, PC - well, they are doing better, but still not on track to putting Wales on the map as a smart little country that it deserves to be.
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