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Friday, April 18, 2008

Golden hello

Oh, dear! Just when you thought that the previous Welsh Labour Government's policy of paying older Councillors to stand down in 2004 could not lose any more credibility, somebody comes along to prove us wrong.

The Western Mail reports that Eunydd Thomas, who left his Carmarthenshire County Council ward after receiving a so-called “golden goodbye” of at least £16,000 from the Welsh Assembly Government in 2004, is now canvassing for re-election, claiming “great demand” for him to return to the post.

The Welsh Government have admitted there is no legal reason he can not do so, despite saying four years ago that only councillors who had “no intention” of ever standing as councillors again could apply for the money.

This latest revelation comes on top of the news that the impact of the golden goodbyes in lowering the average age of Councillors in Wales was zero. In fact the average age went up a bit. The whole scheme was misconceived and a waste of £1.6 million of public money. Isn't it about time that the First Minister admitted this?
What does one say? I think even Boris Johnson would have seen this coming; I'm surprised it's taken this long for a "retired" councillor to re-stand. I would have thought that we would have seen a "retired" councillor standing at one of the many by-elections that must have occured in the past four years.

The words "snouts" and "Troughs" spring to mind.

G. Lewis
Bridgend Lib Dems
It is rumoured that he is very good. That's not to say what he is doing is right.
It would appear from the Carmarthenshire Council website that he's isn't standing for one of the Political Parties; there have been a number of instances where former labour party members have jumped to stand as independents.

In this particular ward, two Labour, two Plaid and two "independents" are also standing; the opposition vote is now split between five people, automatically letting Labour in. We don't have STV (Single Transferable Vote) which would be much fairer, the Labour administration in the Assembly have had to share power on two occations first with the Lib Dems, now with Rhodri's little helpers (a.k.a. Plaid Cymru) - labour will not risk any form of PR in local government incase they end up in coallition or in opposition
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