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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I had the privilege this morning of launching some very important initiatives being taken by the Assembly Commission to open up our decision-making processes through new technoloogy.

The two flag ships of this programme are the e-petition site which is now live and can be found on the Assembly website and Senedd.tv which is currently being beta-tested and will be available more widely in May.

If you want to help beta-test this site then contact the Assembly Commission here and ask for the relevant password. You will then be able to watch our proceedings live on your computer in equivalent quality to the BBC i-player. You will also be able to access a searchable archive.

Other developments we will be advancing through the website are on-line forums and instant polls, currently centred on the Heath Committee's investigation into presumed consent for organ donation.

We are also running an on-line poll for “Welsh Idol”, the Assembly’s Quest to find the nation’s favourite person will also be launched. During February, suggestions for an Idol were made by visitors to the Senedd and a shortlist of the most popular ten names (including Ray Gravell, Katherine Jenkins, James Hook, Hywel Dda and Joe Calzaghe) was announced on St David’s Day. Voting will continue until August when the Welsh Idol will be announced during the National Eisteddfod in Cardiff.
S'mae Peter

I think the Assembly has been a bit premature with all todays publicity. The senedd.tv shouldn't have been launched today if it wasn't publically available today. And I can't find anywhere on the site to create/sign an e-petition (infact the whole site navigation isn't too obvious, but thats another matter). I was expecting a petition scheme similar to (or better than) the Downing Street one.

I'm all in favour of the initiative, and a new organisation like the WAG could be taking the UK lead in e-government strategies, but I'd like to see more development and less hype.

Any chance of them putting wi-fi in the Senedd Peter? Have always found it bizarre that such a modern building doesn't have the sort of modern technology we are all coming to expect.
Wi-Fi in the Senedd is coming. We launched Senedd TV as a Beta Test because we wanted to invite people to participate so as to test its robustness before making it universally available. I am as mystified as to why the link has not appeared to the e-petitions site as well. It should be there later today.
Great to see Senedd.TV being launched. The old webcasting service was out of date and didn't have the new committees on it.

One question will Senedd.TV offer the facility to 'jump' to a particular part of a debate etc.

The present arrangement is a bit tedious especially if you wish to view a section at the end of a long session.

The archives will be tagged. You can jump from debate to debate or to contributions by a particular Assembly member.
Hi Peter,
I would thoroughly recommend trying to find Senydd TV as if it was a new thing to you.
Try searching Google on "welsh assembly live proceedings" or "welsh assembly tv". Try looking on the Welsh Assembly or National Assembly sites - there is one link but it is really hard to spot. And when I did find it then it didn't work for me. I've just dropped a note to the National Assembly contact point. A shame.
The link is on the front page of the Assembly's site and quite prominent too. It is also working fine.
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