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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Shattering the myths

Genewatch UK have published their rebuttal to ten myths, which they say have grown up around a National DNA database.

In the e-mail they send to me they explain that "In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, but not in Scotland, people's DNA, fingerprints and police records are now kept permanently, even if they are never convicted of an offence. DNA is taken on arrest for any recordable offence, without consent, from the age of ten. Recent high profile cases, and new figures on the numbers of prosecutions resulting from DNA matches on the Database, have been used to argue that DNA should be retained permanently from unconvicted people. However, neither the figures - which show a higher DNA detection rate in Scotland - nor the cases - which do not rely on indefinite retention of DNA from the unconvicted - support this view."
What's your take Peter on the Lib-Dem EU situation in mother Parliament?

See, e.g.,

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