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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Paying the bill

As if consumers have not suffered enough, press reports today indicate that energy bills are set to rise yet again before the year is out. We already have a situation where Welsh householders pay on average 10 per cent more for power than their counterparts in England. Many are already being hit hard by rising food, transport and petrol costs amid widespread concern over the economy.

Now we learn that we could be paying an extra £100 a year on top of the £140 increase that has come in since last December, at around the same time that we are putting our heating back on in the autumn. That is a second 10% increase in 12 months. Only those who pay through Direct Debit or on-line will be able to cushion the blow.

Unfortunately, the most vulnerable in our society, who are already officially classed as fuel poor are the least likely to save money in this way. Many will not have bank accounts. My fear is that pensioners and other less well-off people will switch heating off rather then risk going into debt to pay huge fuel bills.

Now is the time to review social tariffs, put in place more realistic winter fuel payments and roll out smart meters so as to lesson the impact of bigger bills. If the government does not intervene then winter related deaths will rise and many of our poorest citizens will face an uncertain year.
"Welsh householders pay on average 10 per cent more"

Seriously?! It's bad enough here, I don't know how you're all coping.

I'd secede from the Union and convert everything to wind power if I were you :-) There. Sorted.
You have obviously heard about our weather! :-)

It is very nice here in summer, honest.
Of course, most of these 'keen to be seen to be pseudo green' politicians (of all colours) will not admit that the Massive Subsidies paid to Renewable Energies, especially useless Wind Power, is pushing up Energy Costs.
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