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Friday, March 07, 2008

Oop North!

Apologies for falling back on the old bloggers phrase, 'blogging will be light for the next few days', however it really is going to be busy over the weekend.

The Queen of course, is coming to open Swansea Leisure Centre for the second time today. She first opened it in 1977 but it was closed in 2004 as a result of a failure to maintain it properly. Thanks to significant investment by a new Welsh Liberal Democrat led-administration we now have a brand spanking-new centre to rival anything on offer anywhere else in Europe.

Once I have left all the celebrations I will be on the road to Liverpool for the Federal Liberal Democrat Spring Conference. I will have my laptop with me but cannot guarantee how much time I will have to blog.

Update: I have just re-read the etiquette guide for the royal visit. At the end is a list of 'prohibited items'. These include knives, scissors, firearms or component parts, explosives or component parts, pyrotechnics, thermos flasks, any liquids, unusual electrical items and all items not clearly identifiable. Well, yes!
This was enabled as the result of a 32 million loan. It is thanks to the council tax payer not the lib dem administration who has nearly taken swansea into ADMINISTRATION.
Oh dear you Labour lot really have had your noses put out of joint. If your incompetence had not led to the closure of the Leisure Centre in the first place then we would not of course had to spend this money. Now it seems you are opposed to re-opening it.

All capital expenditure by Councils is either financed by capital receipts or loans. It was the Lib Dem led Administration which initiated and saw the process through.

As for the financial condition of the Council I am afraid you are in danger of believing your own propaganda. The Council has balanced the budget for each of the last four years, there is no shortfall and in doing so it has achieved the savings targets set by Labour in 2003. We have done this whilst keeping Council Tax increases at half the rate they were under Labour. A record of competency if ever there was one.
Nice taking apart of the snide anonymous comment there.

Have to say I'm disappointed to see there's no comment on the assembly pay rise situation though... is it on its way after your busy weekend?
I dread to think what these "unusual electrical items" may be!
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