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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Old school

Today's Guardian letters' page contains some interesting ripostes to John Harris' article alleging that Cameron's Tories were appropriating the anti-Thatcher music of the 1980s for themselves, which I blogged about here.

Martin Daulby of New Mills, Derbyshire points out that Paul Weller sent his kids to private school, made pro-Tory noises in the early days of the Jam, both in interviews and lyrically - "Whatever happened to the great empire?" etc - and, rather than going underground, actually resides in swish St John's Wood.

It is left to Darren John Maughan of Bromley, Kent though to point out the ultimate irony, that Bruce Foxton, Jam bassist and vocalist, turned the Eton Rifles on the Slough locals in 1997. His son entered Eton College as a new pupil.

All of this rather misses the point of course, that it was what the music represented that mattered not the behaviour of those who owned it. Still, it is an interesting diversion on a Saturday morning.
OK, Peter, what did the music represent? And would it have mattered if it had not been represented?
Read the article.
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