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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lost images

The latest Labour leaflet for the Uplands ward of Swansea crosses my desk. It is an A2 leaflet folded once, thick with text and bizarre claims. At the bottom of the front page there is the standard attack on the Liberal Democrats on law and order issues including the assertion that the Welsh Liberal Democrat-led Swansea Council has failed to take effective action to reduce anti-social behaviour.

Sadly for Labour this suggestion appears to be at odds with the views of Home Office Minister, Vernon Coaker, who on a recent visit identified the City's community safety partnership as a model of good practice in terms of dealing with anti-social behaviour and praised the Council for its partnership work in this respect.

This particular piece is in the name of Geraint Davies, the former Labour MP for Croydon Central, who lost his seat at the last election and is now earmarked as Alan Williams' successor as MP for Swansea West. Alas, Mr. Davies appears to be a bit disorientated by his move down the M4 as the photograph of him alongside two female police officers, which illustrates the story, proves. Closer examination reveals that the officers concerned are wearing the uniform of the Croydon constabulary rather than that of South Wales Police.

Is this what Mr. Davies means when he calls for more Community Police Officers in Uplands? Is he proposing that we borrow some from the Greater London area?
Two questions for you Councillor Mr Black AM:
1. Are you now mis-using your AM blogsite to abuse political opponents leading up to the May local elections?
2. Why would you be in reciept of an election leaflet posted out to Uplands residents when you live in Cwmbwrla?
1. This is not an AM blogsite, it is my own personal site. It receives no public funding whatsoever and I retain editorial control of it and decide what goes on it. It is also a political site and so it will deal with matters of interest to me and politics in general, including the activities of my political opponents.

2. This post is not abusing anybody, it is picking up on a piece of political propaganda put out by another party and offering a valid critique of it.

3. The leaflet was handed to me by an Uplands' resident, hence the phrase that it 'crossed my desk' as opposed to 'came through my door'.

This is the sort of anonymous trolling comment I normally do not publish but was feeling charitable this morning. I have a question for you: Why do you feel the need to hide behind anonymity to post perfectly reasonable questions?

My policy on comments remains the same. I will publish anonymous comments but only if they have something constructive to say and are not unnecessarily abusive. If you want to ensure that your comment is published then keep it polite, keep it legal AND put your name to it.
When it comes to bona fides, I see that you're still quoting Brian Walters as a South Wales Evening Post correspondent, even though he has been working for Trish Law for some considerable time.
I don't deny it is an old quote but that was the capacity Brian made it in. The same goes for Richard Hazlewood. The whole quotes section is meant to be a bit tongue in cheek anyway.
Ignoring the Lab trolls' attempt to deflect the debate, can someone tell us why the policemen pictured were in Surrey uniforms?
all political leaflets that come through my cardiff door seem a waste of time and money to me, full of ludicrous claims, truths and half truths. Every party peter.
why don't the parties save the money and fund something useful = the welsh lib dem funded childresn hospital of wales wing or something, am machine for the nhs. The lies and poliical posturing in the freebie rags i suspect put more people off than entice tem into politics.
Eric, I am afraid that is the nature of political debate. People have different interpretations of the same subject and they use them to try and convince voters to support a particular party. If we did not deliver leaflets and use other media to get our message across then our democratic system would fall down. Without debate, disagreement and argument, we cannot have a healthy democracy.

The caveat is that people should treat all information with a healthy scepticism until they can establish the truth themselves. That requires an active and enquiring electorate. Alas, only a small minority act in that way.
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