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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Llandudno revisited

A lot of excitement in the north this morning as the Labour Council Group leader on Conwy Council takes a swipe at my colleague and fellow blogger, Stephanie Ashley, for her account of the Conference weekend in Llandudno.

Steph has apparently committed the sin of talking about Llandudno as a place where English people retire to, which is a fact. Except that she used rather less prosaic language. I thought that her response to the controversy was spot-on:

But she insisted: “No offence was intended to the people of Llandudno and I’m sure few will over-react like the council leader.

“It was a light-hearted remark about a town which impressed me.

“Llandudno is a great place to have a conference. No wonder people think it is a great place to retire to. I’m flattered Ronnie Hughes has made reading my blog such a priority.”

The whole tenor of her blog entry was one of being impressed with the town and its facilities. I suppose that when there are local elections in the offing and the possibility of a headline this does not matter too much to the local Labour Party.
Surely she meant to type "Where English people go to Dai" anyway?
It was flippant and ignorant. You don't have to condemn it but you shouldn't defend it, either.
Ronnie Hughes has not been council leader for at least 4 years.
So like the Liberals, not ones for getting their facts correct.
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