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Friday, March 21, 2008

Lib Dems secure government ewe-turn on Darby & Joan

I try not to use this site to reproduce press releases. It would become far too tedious. However, I am going to make an exception for this one, purely because I enjoyed it so much and also because it shows the sort of work that we AMs get drawn into. I didn't write the press release by the way, it was produced by the Welsh Liberal Democrats' Head of Media, Gareth Price.

Welsh Liberal Democrats have earned an Easter reprieve for two pet sheep in Bridgend who were facing eviction from their government-owned grazing land.

Darby and Joan’s owner Caroline Callow, had received warning that the land in Coity was required for development and the sheep would be taken away. But councillor Jacqui Radford and AM Peter Black stepped in and have ensured that tomorrow will be a Good Friday for Darby and Joan.

Peter Black said: "These hand reared sheep are well-loved pets, and their owner was deeply concerned that they would be taken away. I’m delighted that we were able to work with the Minister for Economic Development to secure a six month extension for Darby and Joan. I am often critical of this government for being woolly minded, and giving sheepish responses, but on this occasion, the Minister has come up trumps."

Councillor Jackie Radford added: "This is fabulous news. Darby and Joan have become part of the community in Coity. Villagers were very supportive of them staying. I’m delighted that the Minister has given them permission to stay on the site. Caroline wants to keep her pets near to her home, and they can all now look forward to a summer together."

Peter Black and Jackie Radford have been in correspondence with Ms Callow, neighbours and government officials since the end of January to secure this result.

Oh, and yes, that is Darby (top) and Joan in the photo.

So will you be advertising for animal caseworkers?!
Gareth is often lambasted by his colleagues for his use of puns, he chops and changes his words until he gets them right.

Being the modest person he is though he’ll probably be feeling a bit sheepish having been singled out by you.
Oh Peter! Good on ya! As a famous actor once put it, "It's strange how they (pets) become such an important part of one's life" or some such words.

It's wonderful that Darby and Joan can enjoy another summer in the caring community of Coity. I just hope they both get to live more summers in Coity or nearby.
I understand that both of the Coity voters in the photograph are voting for Ella Dodd the local Independent candidate on May 1st.
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