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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hot water

Oops, it seems former Tory AM and fellow blogger, Glyn Davies, is in a bit of bother over some comments he made about Paul McCartney's lawyer, Fiona Shackleton.

Referring to the point when Heather Mills emptied a jug of water over Ms. Shackleton he claims that this gave the lawyer 'a wanton and rather fetching appearance', suggested that she considers adopting the wet look on a regular basis and offered the view that she might even try wearing a T-shirt as well.

Glyn takes a fairly contrite view of the whole affair on his blog, suggesting that this sort of public scrutiny is the price he must pay if he is to continue to pursue his career in politics. He is right that we all have to be careful what we post on our blogs but honestly, haven't the BBC got any real news to report?
haven't the BBC got any real news to report?

And haven't your Lib Dem AM colleagues got any real political issues to complain to the BBC about?
I fully agree with you Peter … and what of the BBC – it’s ‘news’ man David Cornock complaining about Glyn Davies to the Shadow Secretary of Wales over an alleged un-PC comment all the while the BBC is reduced to sending its own staff on courses to underscore the importance of the relationship of trust which should exist between the broadcaster and the viewer. This is in response to the series of BBC scandals about faked competition-winners and BBC phone-in scandals.
Alwyn, I think even Glyn has acknowledged that he is fair game on this matter. This agenda was led by the BBC and Jenny was perfectly within her rights to comment when asked to do so.
Is Cornock going to report Punt and Dennis as well (today's "Now Show") for cracking much the same, not very funny, joke?
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