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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Holding MPs to account

The Liberal Democrats have launched a new website designed to focus attention on those MPs who voted to take us to war in Iraq.

Called Hold your MP to account, the site points out that Britain only invaded Iraq because MPs voted for it. Asked on 18th March 2003 to support Tony Blair’s motion for military action against Iraq, Labour and Conservative MPs lined up to vote “aye”.

Both the Conservative and Labour frontbenches in the House of Commons supported the war. The Conservatives even argued that the Government wasn’t being tough enough.

Five years on, over 170 British servicemen and women have been killed in Iraq, along with hundreds on thousands of Iraqi civilians. British taxpayers have poured £6.5 billion into the conflict, and the Conservatives are trying to rewrite history.

It’s time to hold the politicians who took us to war to account.
Proof positive that our politics today are debased and cynical - let alone doing the decent thing and resigning, how many of those who voted for war have since apologised for not scrutinising the government's 'case' adequately.
Will be interesting to see who, if any, have the guts to accept they were wrong.
It's time the Public insisted that MP's are accountable to THEM, not the Party Whips!

TRUE DEMOCRACY means that MP's shouls ASK THEIR CONSTITUENTS what THEY want to do, and then go into Parliament and DO THAT!

It should be a Criminal Offence for any MP to refuse to PROPERLY reprisent THEIR CONSTITUENTS in ANY vote in Parliament!

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