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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Golwg and the FA Cup

I suppose I should be flattered that the Welsh Language magazine, Golwg cannot resist referring to me in their gossip column, but I really wish they would get their facts right.

This week they suggest that I had to be pushed and cajoled into signing a Statement of Opinion tabled by my colleague, Jenny Randerson, congratulating Cardiff City Football Club on their success in reaching the FA Cup semi-finals. On the contrary, as the record shows, I signed it at the first opportunity and had no problem doing so.

Despite supporting the Swans, I am more than happy to celebrate the success of any Welsh club. The quid quo pro of course is that when I table a Statement of Opinion congratulating Swansea City Football Club on becoming Coca Cola Football League One champions, then Jenny Randerson will be expected to sign that.
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