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Friday, February 22, 2008

Plaid squabble amongst themselves

The One Wales' Government decision to renege on its commitment to fund a Welsh Language daily newspaper is apparently causing waves within Plaid Cymru, with former MP and AM, Cynog Dafis wading into the fray.

According to the BBC he is one of a number of Plaid voices to attack the move not to give more funds to Y Byd, accusing Heritage Minister Rhodri Glyn Thomas of "betraying" a pledge to set up a Welsh language newspaper:

Mr Dafis and a number of other long-standing Plaid supporters have written to Mr Thomas, accusing him of "betraying a manifesto commitment" to establish a Welsh-language daily.

Plaid's former culture spokesman Owen John Thomas told BBC Wales' Dragon's Eye that his party's ministers should heed the warning from disappointed grassroots members.

As I have said before, irrespective of the case for this newspaper and its affordability, Plaid Cymru are in trouble because they failed to consider that case before promising to deliver the undeliverable. How many more promises in One Wales cannot be afforded? We will wait and see.
Hand on heart, Mr Black, do we really need yet another daily printed newspaper in Wales... in any language ?

Also, do we want a newspaper funded by the taxpayer from a central source, and therefore open to inevitable political interference ?

Some people are unable to distinguish between what is a need and what is greed. That is our view.
You may well be right but my point is that Plaid Cymru ignored all those considerations and promised it anyway. They then, inevitably, reneged on that promise.
Re ows:- er em numerical dearth and qualitative dearth of printed newspapers is one of the sad legacies of the media in Wales. Do we need a quality daily for Wales in both languages .. patently so because the lack of dialogue in this country is negligible to substandard ... take a look around the European mosaic .. re:- One Wales, manifestos are reneged on, almost as a law of nature! The thing is to hold the pertinent party/parties to the promises as best as possible
They already axed the free laptop pledge for a pilot programme. Any idea where that's running?

My next guess would by the £5,000 bung to first-time buyers.

Did they have anything else in the manifesto?
Where do our two South Wales West Plaid Cymru AMs - Bethan Jenkins AM and Dai LLoyd AM stand on the issue of funding "Y Byd" Peter? They are YOUR constituency colleagues. Dai Lloyd has no web site and nobody much posts on the "teenage" Bethan Jenkins web site. Can you ask them? The reason I ask is, that I understand that the Cyfog Dafis (EX AM & EX MP) crowd are soon to publish PRO and ANTI lists of their OWN Plaid Cymru party and supporters on this issue. Should be splittingly interesting and divisive. What do you think Peter?
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