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Friday, February 15, 2008

Only Rhodri!

Wales' First Minister, Rhodri Morgan, is advertising for a constituency assistant on the Work for an MP site. In typical style he uses some humour to make a political point:

Rhodri Morgan AM (Cardiff West)
£16805 - £24865, pro rata.

As no member of my family is available to work for me, I am advertising for a member of staff to assist me in my constituency duties working at the Assembly in liaison with the main Cardiff West constituency office in Transport House.

If you are interested then start here.

Hat Tip: Southpaw Grammar
Will the Honourable Member for Cardiff North be applying I wonder?
i think that what was written in the advert was an attempt at Labour Party humour at Tory Derek Conway's expense, should we mention Peter '103,000 failed declaration' Hain :)

Why advertise, the post is already filled, you have to rather dull not to realise that.
Rhodri is a skin flint.

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