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Saturday, February 23, 2008


It is only when I got here that I realised how much I miss Llandudno. I spent so many holidays here as a child that I feel that I know the town backwards. Yet it has changed and largely for the better.

What has not changed is the marvellous sweep of the north shore as it nestles up towards the Great Orme. When I first started coming here there was no cable car and Alex Munro was running talent shows in the Happy Valley. I stepped outside Venue Cymru for a few minutes earlier on to admire it, but had to retreat back to the conference so as to avoid being blown off the promenade.

The town remains a popular holiday destination as far as I aware and has acquired quite a lot of new shops, whilst many hotels have modernised so as to meet the expectations of conference goers and holidaymakers.

One question remains though: why can I not get Welsh TV stations in my hotel?
I know exactly what you mean, Peter. I too spent many childhood holidays in Llandudno, first in the cavernous Grand Hotel, half-deserted and dowdy, having lost its Edwardian fashionableness; I would run down long corridors and play in the echoing empty ballroom. Later, I went to stay with my godparents, who built themselves an ultra-modern house actually on the Great Orme itself, with huge picture windows looking out over the wild sea. I hope I have an excuse to go back there one day.
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