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Friday, February 01, 2008

Lembit lookalike

Jonathan Calder draws our attention to an article in the Powys County Times revealing "the only official Lembit Opik lookalike in the UK".

Neil May lives in Leicester and first discovered his resemblance to the Montgomery MP during Lembit's courtship of Sian Lloyd. The paper reports:

The only problem is Neil's never had a booking, the demand for a Lembit lookalike just doesn't seem to be there – yet.

"To be honest, this is the first phone call I have ever had," he told the County Times, "Maybe if he became leader of the Liberal Democrats or became more well known? If it happens it happens, I will take it as it comes, it's never going to be a major earner."

Well why would anybody book him when Lembit is so readily available for appearances in person anywhere in the Country? I wonder if the other Cheeky Girl is still single.
What I don't get is that word "official". Does that mean that Lembit has given him permission, or that there is some kind of formal registration process to go through?
Is he an Asteroidal product?
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