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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Je ne regrette rien

No doubt both Labour and Plaid Cymru will be playing down the significance of Secretary of State for Wales, Paul Murphy's speech to the Wales Labour Conference yesterday. According to the Wales on Sunday he told delegates that pushing for a referendum on a Welsh Parliament should not be Labour’s priority:

Mr Murphy, in his first speech to the Welsh Labour Conference since his return to frontline politics, said the party should concentrate on improving public services rather than providing more devolution.

His remarks are likely to infuriate Plaid supporters, who regard the referendum commitment as key to supporting the deal.

He told the conference: “I have been called a ‘devo-sceptic’. No. I’m a ‘devo-realist’

“The All-Wales Convention will be testing the waters about a referendum on Assembly powers. It is understandable that people debate these issues.

“However, as a party committed to social justice, we should always keep the services that matter most to people at the forefront of our thinking – schools and hospitals, tackling crime and bringing jobs to Wales. It is these things that people care about most, and so it’s delivering these services that should be a priority.”

Given that Plaid Cymru walked away from the rainbow coalition because they thought that they had a better chance of securing a referendum with Labour, they may well be wondering if they made the right decision.
New Labour and social what justice, your joking.

Did you watch Week In Week Out last week the American Cowboy sorry doctor who came over to chat about how he would help Labour get people back to work Merrill Mathews the karate kick boxing tycoon, who of course works for a company who is here in the UK doing work for Labour, and our old Friend Mansel Alyward the professor who claims to be doing nothing more then helping the government, yet his department is sponsored by Unam Provident the most untrusted company in America now looking to do the same here.

Well I was the bloke from Llanelli who this Cowboy visited he stated obviously Robert is disabled but has he really tried to find work, does he go to the job center to find me a job, which I've failed to find for four years, nope he goes down to my local café, and asked are you looking for somebody, the thick as a two pence bit girl says yes we are. I then go to down to the café the next day to see what jobs she has for me to do, to be told oh god we cannot take you on we only pay cash in hand or something even less understandable.

Then he goes to the most deprived area in wales and spouts off his idea about forcing people, the cake factory we are looking for twenty people we are always looking for twenty people, so I phone them guess what if your disabled they are looking for no one.

But it looked good did it not, the BBC and Labour teaming up again just before a conference to tell people those sick and disabled bastards do not want to work.

I'm sorry did I read you say social justice.
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