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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Is Rhondda Labour AM and Government Minister, Leighton Andrews about to do an about-turn and return to his Liberal roots. I only ask because the former Liberal PPC and Gillingham Town Football Club supporter is now advertising his blog on Liberal Democrat Voice.

I am not sure how these things work but I believe that the owners of this site get a payment for every click. Please correct me if I am wrong. Nice of him to donate.
Thanks for alerting me, Peter - our online ad agency has now pulled the plug on your friends' site, so no more misdirected advertising.
I might have been quite interested to see the advertising!
It's all over the Labour sites B4L, Labourhome etc.

Is subsidising Labour friendly websites a proper use of Assembly allowances Peter?
There is no suggestion that Leighton is using his Assembly allowances for this advert. I do not know one way or the other.
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