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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Getting carried away.

This quote from Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith in The Times is a classic:

Gordon Brown had successfully managed both to build on the experience that he has as being part of the Labour Government over the last 10 years and to register to the British people that there was a change of emphasis and that there were new challenges that his premiership was going to be able to address”.

She added: “He combines the best of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama"

What planet is she living on?

Hat Tip: Blairwatch.
Beyonce Knowles combines the best of Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama.
Jacqui Smith is in desperate need of a reality check here!

This country certainly does need that Obama effect but there is no way no how that that person is Gordon Brown! LOL

When was the last time Gordon Brown attracted a crowd of 18,000 crammed into a football stadium, in the snow, desperate for change?

What we are left with, in Britain, at the moment is a stale old regime hell bent on retaining power. I'm loathe to admit it BUT what happens in the US ultimately happens here. One day in the not too distant future the youth of this country, inspired by the chance of change and fuelled by hope, will mobilise in very much the same way that they have in the US behind Obama.

One day we will have a political system that is representative of all, one day we will have a political system that is not elitist and listens to the needs and ambitions of the nations youth; one day we will have a political system that listens to the will of the people.

Those in power are so ignorant and arrogant that they simply ignore the fact that voter turnout and apathy has been declining steadily year on year. Yet there is no hint of change. One day there will be an Obama figure in British Politics but there certainly isn't one at the moment - in any party.

One day..........
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